The Happy Cowgirl machinima

The Happy Cowgirl machinima par Alexandra Xubersnak

Via Flickr :

Happy hours with my new Bento horse created by Tyrian Slade of Water Horse 🙂

This is the Western Quarter version. There is also an English Warmblood version with of course a different tack and a little different animations. Overall it’s just magnificent and the riding experience absolutely fabulous.

You may notice I ride without stirrups as they only fit flat feet and I didn’t have any matching flat feet boots. I suppose there will be an option for wearing a bit of heel when the next version is released 🙂

The machinima also proves how marvellous the Auto Cam Pro is for such action shoots. I can’t recommend it enough. Only the scenes in my red outfit were shot using the default SL cam.


Many nice tips and tricks about the WH horse in Strawberry Singh’s video presentation:


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