oh happy busy days !

a month is over, and a new one just started with plenty events on all side.

Oh, happy busy shopping days, where there is so many to see, and time for nothing !

The last week-end was very busy, and the beginning of this week not less with the arriving of the Powder-pack, Fameshed, the Gacha-Garden, and so many more.

I would love show more of the beautiful make-ups coming with the last Powder-pack, but my nearly dead cpu don’t realy allow me to play around to much wiht windlight, make-ups, and so on. Also other will make more better close-up than i can do in this moment. I’m sure my pc hate me for my fashion-addiction. 😉

Well, here at Elysion i show you in two pics the so pretty skin from amara, with lip-stick, and some eye make-up from Zibska, and the cute moles from Modish. I love these freckles and the different moles a lot !

It was a beautiful pack, great make-ups, some pretty skins, yes a happy unboxing more !

But real life need also some place, and i had not the time to make more pictures to show all this beauty, i’m sorry !

And yes, i’m wearing here the fabulous Piki-dress from Blueberry with my lovely Bonita-heels. Love them so much !


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