Little World or some new experiences


Oh yes, i know !




some want now yell at me, i know, i know ! It’s Sansar, and i’m sure you have seen plenty of pics, video, info of all kind about this new world the last days.

But i love stay informed, and i’m a curious person. My pc need a serious upgrade and can hardly handle this new part of the metaverse. But… but i needed to see by myself, shoot some pics, and show them to the world ! XD




The scene is called “Little World”, and created by Ria.




it’s pretty, isn’t it ? wanna play with me ?




nobody at home ?!?

you’re right !

I’m not here around for the moment, i mean, it’s hard to split, and nobody can be everywhere, isn’t it ?

but no trouble, you can follow my noise here: SL@SL Sepia’s Tumblr

look my pictures on Flickr

but i add also often some captures on my Second Life

also feel free to join my little community on G+ called Metaverse Life


see you soon, have a great time


Sepia L.